Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Sooooooo you're tight.....haha! why? because you didn't go to Columbia University this past weekend to go see BTE's "The Colored Musuem" show, which was OD DOPE!

Son, two words, Jessica Johnson. OD. She boosts my life so much, I love it. It was a very good show and I'm glad I went. Here's her blog: http://dieoldwaysnwreckage.blogspot.com/ go to it. Learn you some!

On another note,
I began my last spring semester of undergraduate studies yesterday. Really boosted mines. I'm happy to almost be done. It gives me a lot of motivation. Time to make moves and have no life for the next few months. HOLLA!!!

Also, check this website out, http://750words.com/
It's really dope. You can right 750 words every day as journal entries or to improve your writing and no one else sees it but you. Kinda like a prive blog. At the end of your daily writing it tells you what your mood was based on what you wrote and tells you a lot more stuff. check it out!!

peace ya'll

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me. said...

aw, I love you Pri!

and I wish you the best semester yet!