Monday, February 7, 2011

Music and DC

so I'm tight. Why? Because none of my friends or anyone I know told me how amazing Adele is. I mean I heard she was cool, but that's definitely not the world to describe her. Her pandora channel boosts my life in so many ways.

In my Philosophy of Civilization class right now. These 6 classes and 2 internships, and life, and relationship, and maintaining my household intact, all-together is gonna be quite hard. But at least I have help from my boyfriend, and support. I'm going to DR in less than 3 weeks :)

Went to DC

Show at a nice spot in DC. Violins playing, a band, safia spitting poetry, old friends, good friends, and new friends.

Dope painting that was on the wall. It was for sale. I wanted to buy it.

Sughfia spittin. She went in.

Tallest Obelisk in the world son. Learns you som Egypt!

Obeezy's house. It's actually not as big as I thought it would be.

DC was dope. I liked it. It was clean. It wasn't too cold. Ate some Ethiopian food for the first time. Felt very welcomed by everyone. Walked a lot. and did all this with my boyfriend. It was just a random trip we decided to go, to get away from the city and have some fun. It was a great idea.

p.s. I love my boyfriend. He's kind of a big deal. OD Sugh.

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