Saturday, January 14, 2012

So i gave in....

Sorry guys but the reason I've been gone is because I went to TUMBLR. I know, I'm a hypocrite. My bad. I had to. I began a fundraising project and had to get my word out there about my project and more people use TUMBLR. I'll come back some day. But for now please check out my fundraising project page at

Monday, October 3, 2011

to tumblr or not to tumblr?

I'm thinking of going to Tumblr....dun dun dun...ugh lol maybe just maybe. in the meanwhile here's an amazing video i just saw:

really sweet and simple.

Monday, April 11, 2011

say word lol

This is so true.

I'm so sad to hear that almost everyone on the Jersey Shore show has a published book out and actually sold many copies of each of their books. This is very sad. ugh.....

Sunny days bring me back to life

I tend to forget I have a blog. There are months where I am more detected to it than others. Then there are months where I don't write or post anything at all. Oh well. Here I am, back! I'm only back because today I was revived. It was 75 beautiful degrees out and New York City was LIVE! Days like this remind of me of happiness and freedom. Freedom that I will have in two days because I will be on spring break for 2 weeks. I complain about how I didn't have my spring break in March like everyone else but I'm glad it's coming up now because NOW it's warm and NOW is the time to prepare and chyll right before finals come up. Therefore, I applaud CUNY for making there spring break at such a random time of the semester and copying NYC Public high schools lol For the past month or so I've gone to DR, I've done way too much homework, I've joined a gym, I've paid too many bills, I've loved more, I've applied to graduate schools and finished my FAFSA, got offered a full time job at my current intern place, and have not gone to the beauty salon much. Just random things I've done and haven't done. I've always bought a bike that I have only ridden twice buttttttt they have been exciting journeys. I will ride a lot when I'm on my spring break and it's beautifully warm out there. I miss my friends. I feel like I don't see them as much as I used to. I feel like we all grew up and grew up into different kinds of people and now just don't have much time for each other now or have moved on to meeting new people. I still love them though. I still miss them though. I'm not going to volunteer anywhere this summer, unfortunately. But I am going to Mexico for 6 days with my baby next month for memorial weekend. It's gonna be the day after I finish classes so it's going to be perfect timing. I'm not graduating cause my school blows but I'm getting my degree this year and that's all that matters. I want that paper, fuck walking at graduation and all that extra stuff. I want that piece of paper that say I have my BA, ugh when did we all become so paper hungry and materialistic? I want to go back to India. I've been missing it and craving it so much lately. Whenever I'm walking somewhere eI'm encountered with something or someone that reminds me of India. I think it's a sign. I'm one that follows signs that the universe throws at me, so I guess I'm going to India next year! :) That's it for now.....

just wanna show this picture. These are the kinds of nights I miss. I think this was 2 or 3 years ago around this time for ginger's birthday night...webster hall lol

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Sang by Adele and Written by Bob Dylan (but of course).

Monday, February 7, 2011

Music and DC

so I'm tight. Why? Because none of my friends or anyone I know told me how amazing Adele is. I mean I heard she was cool, but that's definitely not the world to describe her. Her pandora channel boosts my life in so many ways.

In my Philosophy of Civilization class right now. These 6 classes and 2 internships, and life, and relationship, and maintaining my household intact, all-together is gonna be quite hard. But at least I have help from my boyfriend, and support. I'm going to DR in less than 3 weeks :)

Went to DC

Show at a nice spot in DC. Violins playing, a band, safia spitting poetry, old friends, good friends, and new friends.

Dope painting that was on the wall. It was for sale. I wanted to buy it.

Sughfia spittin. She went in.

Tallest Obelisk in the world son. Learns you som Egypt!

Obeezy's house. It's actually not as big as I thought it would be.

DC was dope. I liked it. It was clean. It wasn't too cold. Ate some Ethiopian food for the first time. Felt very welcomed by everyone. Walked a lot. and did all this with my boyfriend. It was just a random trip we decided to go, to get away from the city and have some fun. It was a great idea.

p.s. I love my boyfriend. He's kind of a big deal. OD Sugh.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Sooooooo you're tight.....haha! why? because you didn't go to Columbia University this past weekend to go see BTE's "The Colored Musuem" show, which was OD DOPE!

Son, two words, Jessica Johnson. OD. She boosts my life so much, I love it. It was a very good show and I'm glad I went. Here's her blog: go to it. Learn you some!

On another note,
I began my last spring semester of undergraduate studies yesterday. Really boosted mines. I'm happy to almost be done. It gives me a lot of motivation. Time to make moves and have no life for the next few months. HOLLA!!!

Also, check this website out,
It's really dope. You can right 750 words every day as journal entries or to improve your writing and no one else sees it but you. Kinda like a prive blog. At the end of your daily writing it tells you what your mood was based on what you wrote and tells you a lot more stuff. check it out!!

peace ya'll

Saturday, January 22, 2011

So I wanted this bookbag...but Urbanoutfitters sucks for selling it out lol

so I got this one instead. can't wait to get it in the mail :)

ms. jansport is going to be packed away for a little while.

Say word.

Do me a favor… Stand up, walk to wherever the nearest window is, and just look outside. You may not know this, but there’s an entire planets-worth of summers, friends, sunsets, street lamps, songs, late nights, great films, and night skies waiting for you. Your life is as amazing as you want it to be, but first, you have to let it be that way.- Chad Sugg